Model Ship Lovers Should Take Cruises

If you are so enamored by model ships that you are willing to spend countless hours working on the wee riggings, you should consider taking a cruise. If that model holds excitement and thrill for you, imagine what a real-life cruise ship will do for your sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Besides, as you travel the world on a cruise ship you could seek out model ships from other countries to add to your collection.

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There is a distinct difference between a Platinum Party Limo Bus Rental and a voyage on a cruise ship. However, aside from the land versus water issue, there are some interesting similarities as well. Renting a limo bus will allow you all the niceties of catering and DJs. You will have the pleasure of traveling in luxury and comfort. In fact, many people would consider a party limo bus a “land yacht.” Regardless, it will cost less than a multi-day cruise and will satisfy your party urges. But, if you are ready to see the world, discover the value in taking a cruise.

The Positive Side of Taking a Cruise

Cruises come in different shapes and sizes. And, they are designed to fit all budgets. If you are just sprouting your traveling fins, and you have already taken a party limo bus for a spin, consider a short cruise. However, if you are ready to go for the gusto, here is the positive side of taking a lengthier cruise:

  1. They keep you from going over budget because they are generally all-inclusive. Learn more.
  2. Most cruises incorporate entertainment, delicious catered food, and luxurious sleeping arrangements in one price options.
  3. The issues that arise from delayed flights and unexpected changes are not a problem when you choose to go on a cruise.
  4. As you travel from one port to the next you will have the pleasure of dining, relaxing, and participating in various forms of entertainment. Check this
  5. A cruise offers you a built-in babysitter without increasing your costs. They offer all kinds of exciting things for your kids to do while you partake in some adult activities.
  6. A week-long cruise will cost you less than a week in a hotel. And, you will get the delight of all the catered food and entertainment included in the package deal.

The Negative Side of Taking a Cruise

We wouldn’t feel right simply revealing all the pros and none of the cons. You need to be a well-informed consumer not someone sold on a whim. So please investigate the negative side of taking a cruise:

  1. If you suffer from motion sickness, you might have a good deal of fear about taking a cruise.
  2. There is the potential for illnesses to spread very quickly when confined to close quarters.
  3. You could encounter pirates along the way and that would be really bad. Read more.
  4. A mechanical failure could leave you, and the entire ship’s occupants, stranded and powerless in the middle of the ocean.
  5. Ships do sometimes collide and then you are looking at tragedy of titanic proportions.
  6. Laws change once you hit the open seas, so you will need to keep a close guard on your valuables.

If you aren’t deterred by the cons of taking a cruise, then hop aboard and be on the look-out for some new model ships to add to your budding collection.