Famous Sea Captains

When you endeavor to build your model ships surely there is a part of you wondering who might have been the captain of your wee creation. In fact, you have probably engineered quite the story line for your collections of model ships both big and small. To help you make history in your head, we determined it might be a good idea to present you with some famous sea captains.

Before we delve into that list though we would like you to get some imagery in your head. Consider what a famous sea captain might look like to you. Would he have a double brimmed hat and a pipe hanging from his lips? Would he be one eyed and peg legged with a cigar protruding from a snarl? One thing is evident, most images of sea captains include smoking. So, if you are following in their footsteps, we suggest you do a little research on how to quit smoking with hypnosis. This way your sea voyages and creative endeavors will last considerably longer.

Famous Sea Captains

Four Famous Captains You Need to Meet

It is kind of too bad they are dead, but you can at least meet these four famous captains online. We want you to be well prepared to create the best storylines possible for your model ships, and we want you to be in the best possible health while doing so. Make sure you quit smoking and start reading:

  1. Sir Francis Drake (1542-1596)– Note that he only lived 54 years, hopefully smoking too much didn’t take him out. He is known for his involvement and heroism in the Spanish Armada. He was both a visionary and a treasure hunter. He was known as El Draque, or The Dragon, by the Spaniards and is credited with having circumnavigated the globe in 3 years, a feat worthy of applause in his time. He actually died at sea and was given a sea burial. Learn more.
  2. Sir Walter Raleigh (1554-1618)- Very well known in England as a poet, politician, philosopher, seaman, and explorer, Raleigh was wealthy enough to build his own war ship. He called it the Ark Raleigh. He later gave it to the Queen and she changed its name to Ark Royal. His ship fought against the Spanish Armada as a flagship. He attains some interesting (possibly unwarranted) credit for introducing potatoes and tobacco to Britain. He was ultimately arrested, charged with treason, and executed. Click this for the rest of the story.
  3. Captain William Kidd (1645-1701)- Although he is a famous pirate he was initially hired to get rid of them. The King hired him to capture pirates and French ships in Madagascar but he gathered a group of rabble rousers and headed there with other intentions. He got a lot of booty, but because it belonged to the British East India Company he was ultimately arrested and executed. His body was tarred and hung by the Thames River as a warning to other pirate wannabes.
  4. Captain Henry Morgan (1635-1688)- He plundered the Caribbean colonies of Spain. England was unofficially supporting his ventures and he successfully undermined Spain’s authority in the West Indies. He is credited with capturing Panama and Puerto Principe in Cuba. He was ultimately knighted by King Charles II and became deputy governor of Jamaica even though he’d been arrested two years earlier.

If you need more fodder for your model ship story lines you can click this.