The Best Ways to Keep Your Hobby Exhibit Clean

Collectibles like model ships are fantastic.  Building your own model ships is a fun hobby that takes a lot of skill and patience.  The process of building a model ship may be tedious but the end product is always interesting, wonderful to look at and something you can one day leave behind for future generations.  It is however hard to keep model ships and other collectible hobbies clean.  And there is nothing that will make your hobby look like a mess more than dust and dirt will.  If you want your hobby exhibit to look more stylish then it is time to consider these practical ideas and tips.

The Best Ways to Keep Your Hobby Exhibit Clean

Get a dedicated hobby room

No one can really appreciate your model ships if they are scattered about the house.  They are easy to overlook and they are easy to get in harm’s way when you have kids in the house.  With a dedicated hobby room, you can cluster all your collectibles and model ships together on gorgeous displays and keep them safe and clean.

Spring clean every three months

It is important to clean a hobby room regularly.  Too much dust and dirt can harm your model ships by staining the sails and wood.  The dust and dirt also promotes allergies and diseases.  You should dust your hobby room on a weekly basis but spring lean at least once every three months.

Clean everything with a pressure washer

With a good quality pressure washer you can spring clean your hobby room as often as you need.  You can wash dust off the walls, from between cracks and you can get all the grime out between tiles.   Even dusting the ceiling is super quick and super easy when you have a pressure washer. Power washing is not just good for removing dust, grime and dirt.    It is also great for keeping diseases from spreading and because your rooms are dust free, you are much less sensitive to hay fever, asthma and allergies.   The Karcher pressure washer is one of the best surfer cleaning pressure washers to look out for.  They are easy to use and the Karcher pressure washer parts are commonly found online so you can make the most out of even the smallest of Karcher washer units.

Consider glass

It’s hard work to clean out a hobby room and to clean all those shelves.  You have to take time and patience for each and every model ship you clean which is downright tedious.  Glass displays can help you eliminate all the work involved in model ship exhibiting because your ships will be completely preserved and dust free.  You can build a glass case for individual displaying the same way you would build an aquarium.  Or you can get a cupboard with glass doors or perhaps even seal off an entire wall display with glass.  The glass will make your model ship and your hobby room looks a lot better and will bring a sense of quality to your collectables.